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Cardreader U2.0 All in One, Modecom CR-Level2


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Cardreader U2.0 All in One, Modecom CR-Level2

Кат. номер: 1404208

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  • Производител: Modecom
  • Предназначение: Четци на карти
  • Тип Памет: SD, SD micro, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo
  • Цвят: Черно
  • Опаковка: Retail

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The successor of high-class external CR LEVEL memory card reader. Just like it's predecessor, it provides free and instant data transfer between the device and memory cards supported by the reader for those who own laptops or PC (full list of supported cards is in technical specifications).
The most relevant feature of MODECOM RC LEVEL 2 is that it provides really fast data transfer. The reader supports three modes: "high speed" (480 Mbps), "full speed" (12 Mbps) and "low speed" (1.5 Mbps). On the other hand, those who use many memory cards on a daily basis will appreciate the possibility of data exchange between two slots (SD and microSD slots is an exception).

MODECOM CR LEVEL 2 memory card reader is also very convenient in transportation. Thanks to compact and light construction, the product fits in pocket. This feature will be highly appreciated by those who need their data to be transferred from memory card to their laptop or tablet instantly (journalists or photographers working on the move). The setup is very easy and doesn't require additional drivers. You only need to plug it to available USB slot and the device is ready to work.


Interface USB 2.0 compatible with down to 1.1
Mode support „High Speed” (480Mbps), „full speed” (12Mbps) and „low speed” (1.5Mbps) transfer rate
Support for the following memory CF1/CF2

Additional information

Other Possibility of exchanging data between slots (simultaneous work of SD and micro SD is an exception) Hot swap Doesn't require additional power supply 6 x memory card
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