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Case Modecom Oberon Pro, Tempered Glass, Black

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Case Modecom Oberon Pro, Tempered Glass, Black

Кат. номер: 2601453

Забележка: ask

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Основни параметри:

  • Производител: Modecom
  • Предназначение: За компютри
  • Тип: Middle tower, без захранване
  • Цвят: Черен

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MODECOM OBERON PRO GLASS was designed for those who like spacious and functional interiors combined with nice and modern design. Well worked-out construction of this gaming case interior combined with perfectly developed details of the front panel make up for a flagship product among newly launched MODECOM computer cases. OBERON PRO GLASS BLACK stands out thanks to its elegant and minimalistic design highlighted with classic black colour while OBERON PRO GLASS WHITE is made in classic but modern white colour. The OBERON PRO GLASS version is the most modern construction based on the experience of earlier versions of the OBERON series. MODECOM OBERON PRO GLASS was made as a response to the expectations of the users regarding the functional computer case.

Cooling system

OBERON PRO GLASS has two pre-mounted black 120 mm fans (front and back), which is a great solution preventing the components from blocking the airflow. Maximum height of CPU cooler is 163 mm.

Space organisation system

OBERON PRO GLASS enables extension cards tool-free mounting, and convenient wiring organisation system makes it easy to keep the interior well-organised. Space for video card is extended up to 395 mm.

Functional and modern design

OBERON PRO GLASS lets you organise its interior in whatever way you like according to your own preferences with the use of high-end components and keep the good airflow at the same time. The interior will stay clean thanks to easily dismountable filters: magnetic filter on the top, on the front and on the bottom under the power supply unit.

SSD/HDD drive bays

You can mount three SSD 2.5" and two HDD 3.5" hard drives tool-free in OBERON PRO GLASS case. Power supply unit and 3.5" hard drives are placed in a tunnel on the bottom of the case. SSD hard drives are mounted on both sides, which makes it easy to keep the good airflow.

Practical solutions

The housing has rubber flanges for cable entry holes. The rubber sealing ring is designed to protect the cables from damage.

Toolless design

toolless design for an easy PCI / PCIe installation. This allows you to re-arrange the components and restore the casing to its original appearance.

Long PSU tunnel

The interior has a large space (240 mm) for the power supply. This allows the installation of long power supplies and easy wiring arrangement. Now it is even easier to install the power supply without modular cabling.

Key features

• construction for demanding gamers
• multiple organisation solutions
• modified interior with long PSU tunnel – 240 mm
• toolless design for an easy PCI / PCIe installation
• rubber flanges for cable entry holes
• modern design of the front panel
• functional interior with a tunnel for power supply unit and HDD 3.5" hard drives
• three dedicated drive bays for SSD 2.5" hard drives
• HDD 3.5" hard drives tool-free mounting
• extension cards tool-free mounting
• two pre-mounted black 120 mm fans
• tempered glass window on the side
• anti-dust filters
• space for video cards up to 395 mm
• possibility of mounting CPU cooling up to 163 mm


Type Midi tower
Recommended for Home / office
Dimensions 455*205*475 mm (L*W*H)
Motherboard standard ATX/ Micro ATX/ ITX
Ports on the front/top panel USB 3.0: 2
USB 2.0: 2
Microphone output: YES
Earphones input: YES/ HD AUDIO
SD/TF card slot: NO
Tool-free mounting YES
Drive bays external 5,25": 1
external 3,5": 0
internal HDD 3,5": 2
internal SSD 2,5": 3
Maximum number of fans 5
Number of pre-mounted fans front: 1 x 120 mm
back: 1 x 120 mm
side: 0
top: 0
Fan(s) velocity control NO
Place for extension cards 7
Space for power supply Bottom of the case
Tunnel for power supply unit YES – 240 mm
Height of CPU cooling 163 mm
Maximum height of video card 395 mm

Additional information

possibility of mounting water cooling system NO
side panel with a window YES (tempered glass)
filter under the power supply unit YES
filter on the top panel YES
filter on the front panel YES
chassis thickness 0.7 mm
net weight 6.15 kg
colour black
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