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Game Pad MSI FORCE GC20, Dual Vibration

Кат. номер: 3801132

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  • Производител: MSI
  • Тип устройства: Геймпадове
  • Съвместимост: PC
  • Свързване: Жично

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  • Support PC, Android and Popular Consoles
  • Dual Vibration Motors Inside
  • Durable Switches with Excellent Feel
  • Additional D-Pad Cover
  • 2M Cable & 30 CM Cable for Android

Movement with High Accuracy

With advanced analog sticks, the Force GC series controllers provide flawless smooth movement. This comes in handy for continuous maneuvers in vehicles or tracking the enemy with your sights.

Control is the name of the game

Gamers can truly enjoy their racing games with the triggers in the Force GC series. Precision with up to 256-level accelerator simulation.

Durable and longer lifespan

Compared to conventional controllers, the Force GC series controllers use button switches with up to 2 million clicks to offer longer lifespan.

Replaceable D-pad Cover

Included with the Force GC30/GC20 controllers are two D-pad covers with magnetic design, allowing you to switch for your preferred game type.


Equipped with dual vibration motors, the GC30/GC20 controllers are able to use haptic feedback to enhance the gaming experience and provide an additional dime- nsion of sensory input.

Fully geared up

In the retail box you can find all the accessories gamers need to fully customize their Force GC20.

It also includes a 2m USB cable and a 30cm OTG cable for android.

  • Compatible OS --- Windows 10/8.1/7, Android 4.1 above
  • Interface --- USB 2.0
  • Dimensions (mm) --- 156 x 105 x 62.5
  • Accessories --- Additional D-PAD Cover
  • Cables --- 2M Cable & 30CM otg Cable for android
  • Weight(g) --- 240g/ 343g (with package)
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